About Bryan

This hockey book is a culmination of many ideas, observations and deducements, gleaned over a coaching career spanning 30 years. As I am a hockey player myself, what first started me towards the process of describing hockey skills, was when I realised that most coaches and players can complete any particular skill, without knowing the ABC’s of how to do it. Being able to describe how to do it was a challenge which I gave to myself, especially as I had four sons who all played hockey and all required tuition in the art of playing hockey.

I am a qualified Marine Engineer and have spent some time plying a number of ports around the world. Out at sea, when a ship breaks down or is in need of repair, we use the limited spare parts that are available or by making our own modifications to rectify these problems. Having studied various skills in hockey over the years (30 or so), I have developed a series of innovative, yet simple, proven techniques using the same analytical approach. With these same thoughts in mind, you will notice that quite a number of the drawing illustrations in the book are based on engineering drawings. These however, can be readily understood when the text is analysed and applied to the illustration.

Hockey at the elite level is being played under control at great speed. It is with this thought in mind that there can be considered a running with the ball position that is used with junior hockey players in mind. When this philosophy is applied to juniors as the focus, it should assist them to increase their playing speed so as to emulate more elite players. Such application may assist these younger players achieve the ranks of first division, state and national representation. Field hockey is a team sport and passing the ball is the name of the game, so as to remain in effective control of one’s territory.

In other words two players will beat one player most of the time. With the ball being held in the delivery position, it may be passed in a moment. Hence the name of the book was founded, “Running with the Ball”.