Order Now Bryan Knox brings a wealth of experience to the writing of this book. He has coached hockey for well in excess of twenty years and his coaching skills, notably seen in the coaching of junior talent squad players, have proved invaluable in the development of many current and past West Australian State players including his own sons Derek and Jonathan.

As you work through the pages of this coaching guide, it will become apparent just how his coaching experience, coupled with his
experience in engineering, brings a unique and comprehensive approach. Firstly, his ability to identify the essential skill requirements in trapping, passing and evasion, and then to extend those skill requisites to simulate game time situations and finally to break these skills down into components that can then be focused upon, illustrates a fine eye for process.

For the last decade, Bryan has been an integral part of the coaching team at the University of Western Australia Hockey Club; a decade, in which the club has achieved outstanding success across all grades.

This book is recommended to all coaches looking to go deeper into the skills required to develop elite hockey players. By utilising this book in conjunction with the application of specific drills, you will enhance your players’ understanding of the skills required and in so doing receive a greater return in performance.
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